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city police headquarters. adam may is live at city police headquarters. >> reporter: mary, we just got a lot of information from police. they told us that the exam room was set up with a series of hidden cameras. and the voom pool could be-- victim pool could be extremely large. they are trying to find out if any of these videos were posted on the internet, did dr. levy act alone? and were any of the victims under age? >> reporter: wjz learned federal authorities are actively involved in the investigation of dr. nikita levy, the dr. johns hopkins gynecologist, accused of secretly taking videotape of patients during examinations. >> i can't believe it. >> tracy williams is sick to her stomach. >> what was he doing with the video? >> reporter: that is a big unknown. wjz learned that gynecologist porn is over the internet.
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johns hopkins calls it intolerable, saying dr. levy's behavior violates their code of conduct and everything johns hopkins stands for. >> dr. levy was the sweetest person. this is all -- this is just shocking. >> reporter: jessica whim said dr. levy saved her life, when she suffered complications during childbirth. but she is outraged with johns hopkins for failing to notify patients when the investigation began. >> to find out the way we did. hopkins didn't send out anything. i had to find out from the news? from family? it's not fair. i've been going to him for 11 years. >> reporter: dr. levy committed suicide this week in towson. patients may never get the answers they want. . >> i don't know if one of those videos has me on it. i don't know. but i can't sit here thinking about it. >> reporter: police also said they were in the process of setting up a criminal investigation interview, when
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dr. levy apparently took his own life. they've already executed warrants in the case. right now, they are combing through hard drives and videotapes. trying to identify the victim. they said they will reach out to the person. and in the meantime, they have set up a hotline. and they are working with those federal authorities. reporting live tonight, adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> adam, thank you. we have that hotline number for our viewers. patients can call police on that tipline. it is 410-396-2269. the perry hall high school shooting try trial is over before it each starts. the teen pleads guilty. wjz is at the courthouse. rochelle ritchie with more on robert gladden's decision. >> reporter: gladden is now facing at least 40 years in prison, after entering a plea of guilty and an attempted first-degree murder charge. >> reporter: robert gladden, jr., is just 15 and could be in prison until he is nearly 60
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years old. >> i certainly hope that it has brought some closure, a little bit of closure to what happened. >> reporter: gladden is responsible for the shooting at perry hall high school that severely injured 17-year-old daniel borowy. >> the road is definitely not done. he's got a ways to go. >> reporter: gladden's trial was set to begin today in baltimore county. instead, with emotional family members in the courtroom, he pled guilty to the adult charge of first-degree attempted murder. >> i think it was clear, it was the strength of the evidence. there could not have been, honestly, a stronger case than what we had here. >> reporter: investigators say gladden took cov his father -- one of his father's shotguns to school. police said as they hauled him off to jail, he said, can i get the death penalty? i wanted to kill them. i wanted to commit suicide. he also listed eric harris and dylan klebold as inspirations on his facebook page, the teens responsible for the columbine shooting. >> reporter: and no surprise here, students here are in
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support of a guilty plea. >> that's what he gets. >> he brought a gun to school. he shot a kid. he made like everyone terrified of coming back the next day. >> reporter: prosecution was hoping for a life sentence. the judge deciding on a maximum of 40 years. >> i honestly think he is possessed. >> reporter: students say the wounds left behind on that day are still open. >> he harmed a lot of people. not each just physically, but emotionally. and a lot of people are still afraid to be around here. or at least i am, sometimes. >> reporter: and gladden was originally charged with nine counts of attempted first- degree murder, as part of the plea deal, eight of those were dropped. i'm rochelle ritchie back to you. >> rochelle, thank you. gladden's sentencing is scheduled for monday. man convicted. killing a 16-year-old girl wants a new trial. earlier this month, michael jackson was found -- johnson was found guilty of second- degree murder. phylicia barnes body was found several months later in the
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susquehanna river. prosecutor -- they are saying that there was information withheld. johnson is scheduled to be sentenced next month. he faces 30 years in prison. one person is dead and two others hurt in a shooting in baltimore county. it understand around midnight. -- happened around midnight. no word on the names of the people involved or what led to the shooting. no arrests have been made. today, we got a little bit of everything. rain, sleet and snow. here's a live look outside right now. from sky eye chopper 13. wet weather is making it awfully gloomy. meteorologist bernadette woods and bob turk are tracking live doppler radar. bob? >> take a look at the rain. we had rain this morning. yes, snow and sleet. big rain falling in some regions. that rain is off to the east. but there's one more line of showers right around from westminster to frederick. that's going to move through the next hour or so. then we'll begin to clear out. temperature-wise, we have been above freezing since early this morning. 44 now.
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46 in d.c. 45 in hagerstown. freezing in oakland. they'll see snow showers there. but 50 degrees down to the south of us. now, at going to get a lot colder tomorrow than it was this afternoon. bernadette has a look at that. bernadette? >> that's right. the front comes through. winds turn around to the northwest. they're going to pick up. we're looking at a breezy night. now being we're not going down to the single digits. but you get the idea. another round of very cold air is making its way from the northern plains and going to sweep across the mid-atlantic. add the wind on top of that. we'll have highs in the 30s. but with the wind chills, it will feel like upper treens to 20s. -- teens to 20s. we'll have your forecast coming up. baltimore police commissioner says a breakdown in the department led to a trainee getting shot in the head. it is a story wjz has been investigating since it happened a week ago. wjz is live at the police training facility. investigator mike hellgren has the commissioner's candid comments for us tonight. mike? >> reporter: mary, as training
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began again on a limited basis again today, the commissioner addressed recruits and officers, talking about safety. he said he is looking at the use of all weapons in all situations, beyond just what is happening here in training. >> reporter: baltimore city police acknowledge what they call a major procedural breakdown in safety policy during a training exercise, where an officer was shot in the forehead. but the commissioner declined to give specifics on wawent so -- what went so wrong. >> this weapon that we carry on our hips. they are not toys. they're not here for games. they're not here for playtime. >> reporter: wjz investigations have revealed the train officer, william scott kern, mistook his training weapon for a service weapon. and shot the trainee in the head. kern has been suspended, along with five other officers in the chain of command. >> in my 30 years, i have seen it too many times, way too many times and we should have learned from those lessons.
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we have protocols here that we're not following. >> reporter: there was lack of supervision. that leadership didn't even know that the old rosewood hospital was being used for training. >> we will peel back with the goal of never, ever having that happen here again. >> reporter: police brought in major joseph smith to run the academy. >> arrest control techniques. tactics, firearms. >> reporter: commissioner batts revealed he's been to the injured trainee's hospital bed several times. >> the doctors have said to me that he is progressing better than whatta they expected. -- what they expected. however, they say this is going to be a long road. i was glad to be by his bedside. >> reporter: police have still provided no official count of what happened one week later. state police are now leading the investigation. reporting live at the training facility in northwest baltimore, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, mike. thank you. and any charges brought up
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in the case will be up to the baltimore county state's attorney, who says he is still waiting for the state police to complete its investigation. a u.s. congressional delegation is in cuba now, working to free jailed u.s. contractor allen gross. the maryland man was arrested in december 2009 for setting up illegal internet connections as part of a u.s. democracy building program. the 62-year-old was sentenced to 15 years in prison in december 2011. they arrived in havana yesterday, on a two-day fact- finding mission that includes mission leaders and an expected meeting with gross. police are investigating one of the biggest diamond heists in recent memory. in just minutes, millions of dollars in diamonds were stolen from a plane that was getting ready for takeoff. >> reporter: security at brussels international airport is increased, with concrete barriers now in place, around the fence, after a massive
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diamond heist. investigators say eight masked gunmen, dressed like police officers, broke through the fence monday night and drove two cars onto the tarmac. the men told -- stole an estimated $50 million worth of diamonds from the cargo hold of a plane scheduled to fly to switzerland. >> the operation at the airport has taken exactly three minutes. so this was a very quick hit- and-run. very well organized. prosecutors say it had flashing blue lights. >> these people were, indeed, very well aware of what they were doing. and what they were looking for. >> reporter: police found a burned-out car near the airport and say it was probably used in the heist. they collected evidence from the scene. the swiss plane was carrying passengers, but authorities say those on board could not see what was happening underneath, near the cargo area. >> reporter: . >> the eight suspects were armed with machine guns. no one was injured, though. the flight was canceled after
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the heist and an investigation is looking into why the airport was so easy to breach. >> and we were just talking. i think a movie. >> exactly. they may have figured out how to do it. still ahead on wjz's eyewitness news at 5:00. in court. the blade runner openly cries as prosecutors begin to lay out their murder case against him. what the olympic star says happened that deadly night. the crusade to improve licensing policies for the elderly have back before lawmakers. i'll explain straight ahead. flying high. ravens' ticket prices are going up. why the team says it has nothing to do with the super bowl win. and how long are these clouds going to be sticking around? don't miss the updated first warning weather forecast with bob.
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store cloudy and 44 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete first warning forecast is coming up. elderly drivers.
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it's a controversial topic wjz has investigated before. tonight, christie ileto investigates that issue and one family. >> reporter: when an elderly driver killed nathan cras nipolar, it became his family's mission to target those who they believe should no longer be behind the wheel. >> he would be happy that i made sure drivers get reviewed. >> reporter: susan cohen said she would like to see drivers over 70 get their licenses reviewed every two years. >> many drivers don't realize they abilities has changed. >> reporter: some drivers don't want it to change. >> i had a grandma. she drove her car follow she was about 80. >> reporter: an nba report said licensed drivers over 75 had the lowest crash rate of any driver, but they also drive less. >> they are often at fault. but they're a hazard only to themselves, more so than other people on the road. >> reporter: but officials say that doesn't change the fact that in the next 15 years, the
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number of senior drivers in maryland will triple. >> reporter: medicine medicine already has -- maryland already has more than 600,000 licensed drivers over 65. that's why woo need to -- we need to deal with this now. >> if you don't have the reflexes to drive, it can cause injury. >> reporter: currently, 27 states and d.c., require additional testing for seniors. maryland requires drivers over 40 to take an eye exam. >> we're not trying to take people off the road. >> reporter: collin says this extra step will just keep families safe. >> reporter: and collen hopes that this will take lawmake is back to next section. >> wednesday will mark the two- year anniversary of nathan's fatal accident. let's check on the roads now with kristy breslin. >> reporter: hi, mary. hi, everyone. it has gotten very busy out there. northbound 95. a couple of areas on that route that are very congested. the first, from 32 to the beltway on the southwest side.
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then it slows down again. from the fort mchenry tunnel, past whitemarsh boulevard. traffic only moving at about 35 miles an hour. traveling on the top side inner loop, stop and go there, from the jones falls expressway over to bel air road. as you can see by our sensor there, average speed, only 16 miles an hour. west side inner loop, not doing much better. a lot of heavy traffic there from 295 to liberty road. and as far as accidents go, a couple of new ones. snowden river parkway. northbound richie highway at jumper toll. also one that sky eye chopper 13 showed you earlier, mountain road at freetown. let's take a live look. you can see, things are moving pretty slowly there, on the west of york road. and you can see the inner loop at national pike. this traffic report is brought to you by your baltimore hyundai dealers. visit baltimore hyundai back to you. >> all right, kristy. thank you. a stern warning from president obama. people will start lug jobs if--
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losing jobs with congress does not step in. >> reporter: president obama called in police and firefighters to help him talk republicans out of letting steep spending cuts take effect. >> this is not an abstraction. people will lose their jobs. >> reporter: the automatic cuts, known in washington as the sequester, kick in march 1st. they were designed to be so severe, they'd force lawmakers to reach a budget deal. but they haven't yet. and now the president is pushing a short-term fix to allow more time to reach a compromise. >> there is a smarter way to do this, to reduce our deficits, without harming our economy. but congress has to act. >> reporter: the white house wants a plan with smaller spending cuts and more tax revenues. republicans say the government is already too bloated and higher taxes should not be part of this equation. >> reporter: budget expert isabel thawhill said the automatic cuts will hurt the economy, even though most
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government agencies should be able to weather them. >> most organizations can manage a cut of 5, 7%, in their budgets. without long-term harm. i don't mean it won't be painful. it will be. >> reporter: allen simpson, and erskine bowls who led a commission on the debt say it will be painful for lawmakers. as they start feeling the effects. like longer lines at the airport. >> when that happens, they're going to come and say, we're sick of this. let's do something smart. >> reporter: lawmakers will have just days to stop the spending cuts when they resume next week. >> the automatic cuts total $85 billion. the military alone will see a $46 billion cut from the pentagon budget. fresh off their super bowl win, ravens are raising ticket prices. but the ravens say the ticket increase was already planned, has nothing to do with super
5:20 pm
bowl win. this is the first increase in your years and -- four years and only the 6th since the stadium opened in 1998. tickets will go up about 10%. ravens are also expected to announce a plan for improvements and renovations to the stadium. season ticket holders should look for their renewal letters in the mail this week. >> okay. and bob tells us, because of inflation, he's going to have to raise the price of his five-day forecast. right? >> sure. >> a dollar. >> 32 cents. it's going to cost you 32 cents more. we have -- january headed our way. 44 now. southwest winds at 12. barometer falling a little bit. maybe a shower. even a rumble of thunder possible between now and about 6:30. just got a report out of hagerstown of thunder and lightning. then we'll clear out. have the report after this.
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a live view from sky eye chopper 13. clouds still looming out there tonight, bob. >> a few sprinkles here and there. . >> they going to clear out a little bit soon. and it's going to get windy and clear out. we'll see sun tomorrow. take a look at temps tomorrow. to the west of us, it has
5:24 pm
cooled down to 33 in oakland. still 45 in hagerstown. and 43 in cumberland. d.c., 46. and pax river, up to 50. we never got that warm today. in fact, around 9:00, 10:00, we had snow. big flakes falling in baltimore; 46 in rock hall and kent island. average now 46. average low keeps coming up, up to 27. record, 72. 1997. record low, 1903. 5 above zero. here's that weak line of showers. the heaviest activity, just around gaithersburg, montgomery county. we had a little heavier batch to the west of us a little while ago. so between now and about 6:30. a light shower activity. wind goes back to the west. already, rest winds, hagerstown. and a new air mass, moving in.
5:25 pm
dryer and colder than we've seen today. here's the front with shower activity. marginal temps. mostly, just rain on the coast. snow showers. this is all just lake-effect snow. garrett county will get into that. basically a windy and chilly day. but not a lot of sunshine for wednesday and thursday. by the end of the week, this high moves off. slightly milder air, with another front. maybe a slight mix perhaps in the region on friday. then light shower activity again for system. that's your weekend. bay temp around 38. it will be a windy, but mainly sunny afternoon. so tonight, the rain ends. clearing later on. 29 by morning. so just below freezing. 37. that's about it tomorrow. but it will be mainly sunny. we'll have clouds from time to time. some snow showers will continue in far western maryland later
5:26 pm
tonight and tomorrow as we saw on sunday, snow showers, that was kind of rare. but sunday, we saw the brief showers. snow came up, gone. i don't think we'll see it again tomorrow, though. >> thanks, bob. still ahead at 5:00. crime spree. carjacked and left for dead. now, police are trying to figure out what happened. a campus in mourning. i'm derek valcourt at the university of maryland eastern shore, where students worry a killer could be hiding among them. i'll explain coming up on eyewitness news. i'm arlex demetrick. coming up, pushing back against an increase in the gas gas tax, as eyewitness news continues. but first, here's today's report from wall street. we'll right back.
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it is 5:29. 44 degrees and cloudy. good evening, everybody. thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. here's some of the stories people are talking about tonight. more police are patrolling the university of maryland eastern shore, following the murder of a student. and now police are pleading for help in finding the killer. derek valcourt is on campus. an update to the investigation. >> reporter: for hundreds of students, their grief is matched by worry that the killer could still be among them. >> welcome and thank you for coming out as we address some very important issues, related
5:30 pm
to our university. >> reporter: students build the university's basketball arena. some, looking for comfort. others, looking for answers. >> we don't know what happened. we just can go by what we're seeing on the news and what people are reporting. >> it's not fair that this senseless act occurred on our campus, during homecoming. >> reporter: the university rocked by the murder of 21-year- old edmond st. claire. ♪ [ music ] ♪ ♪ trying to have some fun, trying to have some fun ♪ >> reporter: the music-loving junior was stabbed to death 9:30 nthe middle of this on- campus road. police say saint claire was with his brother and another friend, when they were confronted by a group of at least three other young men. a fight broke out and st. claire was stabbed in the chest. the killer got away. >> we are confident that there were several wents in the area- - witnesses in the area when this murder occurred that for whatever reason have not yet come forward. >> reporter: police are asking for help identifying these vehicles that were seen in the area, with only a generic
5:31 pm
description of the suspects to go on, rumors are running campant -- rampant on camp us, leaving students sad and uneasy. >> that's scary. we don't know when or when they'll show up next. because they haven't been caught. they're still loose out there. >> reporter: adding to this, news that a former student who attended classes here just last semester, apparently took his own life at a nearby apartment in town. >> police are offering up to a $2,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest in the case. a shooting rampage across several locations in southern california leaves four people dead, including the gunman. denise is live in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: moments ago, police identified the gunman as a 20-year-old part-time student named ali sad. they say he killed a woman in the early morning hours and fled the scene. three carjackings followed according to police. they say he killed two of the drivers and wounded two others.
5:32 pm
investigators say there may be more victims as sad also opened fire on the highway. >> several gunshots were fired on the freeway. while the suspect was driving on the freeway. or he had stopped and got out of his vehicle and fired rounds at passing motorists. >> reporter: police say the gunman shot and killed himself when they tried to stop him. they say at least three people reported being shot at on the highway or the freeway. but none suffered any serious injuries. police say the motive for the shootings is unclear at this point. they say the first victim is not related to the gunman. vic? >> denise, thank you. the shooting spree lasted about 25 minutes and involves six different locations. south african olympian oscar pistorius, cries in court during his bail review hearing. as tina kraus reports for wjz, the track star broke down, while his lawyer explained how pistorius's girlfriend was killed. >> reporter: former olympian oscash pistorius, headed back to jail, after another
5:33 pm
emotional day in court. the 26-year-old accused killer broke down in tears, during a closed-door hearing, where his lawyer called the shooting of pistorius's girlfriend an accident. the double-amputee track star known as the blade runner said he shot her because he thought she was an intruder. he said he felt vulnerable when there was someone in the bathroom. and he was not wearing his artificial legs. then he felt horror and fear when he realized his 29-year- old goirl girlfriend was not in bed. but prosecutors accuse pistorius of cold-blooded, premeditated murder. they say he put on his legs, walked across the room, and put four bullets through the door where steenkamp was cowering. the family gathered for a private fume. >> we are here today as a family. but there's only one thing
5:34 pm
missing. it's reeva! [ crying ] >> reporter: steenkamp often campaigned against domestic violence. her brother hopes her message will stay strong. >> we will try to continue with the things she tried to make better. >> reporter: pistorious said he was deeply in love with his girlfriend and that she died in his arms, after he bashed in the door with a cricket bat. he faces life in prison if convicted of murder. >> reporter: tina kraus, wjz eyewitness news. >> and the judge ruled pistorius faces the harshest bail requirements under south african law. the hearing continues tomorrow. the idaho man, accused of slapping a toddler on a flight could face up to a year in prison. joe ricky hundley could face simple assault charges on a child. the parents say that hundley uttered a racial slur and hit the child during a flight from minneapolis to atlanta. the company who employed him
5:35 pm
says the executive no longer works for them. into your pocket. with big issues like gun control and the death penalty in the spotlight in annapolis. another bit of legislation could hit the family budget. alex demetrick reports, it's the possibility of a hike in the gas tax. [ no audio ] >> and we'll try to get that story to you. right now, nothing certain one way or the other about an increase in the gas tax or legislation that would keep transportation funds from being raided for other projects. naval academy graduate john allen will be retiring. so they will not proceed with his nomination. that had been shelved after a pentagon investigation into e- mails allen exchanged with a civilian woman who was linked to the scandal that forced cia general david petraeus to resign. allen said he is retiring to
5:36 pm
deal with family health issues. he was the first marine corps officer to serve as naval academy commandant. time now for a look at the baltimore sun. a list of area sushi restaurants, with lessons on how to roll your own sushi. the latest orioles training camp. and a preview of what the ravens will be looking for at the nfl combine which begins tomorrow. for these stories stories and in, read the-- and more, read the baltimore sun. charities are always looking for new ways ways to energize donors. now, as mike schuh reports, a colorful twist on an old idea is looking good for the cool kids' campaign. >> reporter: put 12,000 people in white shirts, promise them a good time and set them free. oh, yeah. douse them with colored corn starch. again and again and again. ♪ [ music ] ♪ do this and you have the country's largest 5k series, the color run. and for the first time on may
5:37 pm
11th, it's coming to baltimore. to the stadium area downtown. coming to benefit the cool kids campaign. a charity that helps kids with cancer survive and thrive. >> the color run, they call it the happiest 5k on the planet. >> well, gee. why would they call it that? so popular, races sell out within minutes of registration opening. in fact, the registration for the baltimore race opened on friday and... >> they sold out one race in about two days. opened up a 2:00 p.m. race. and they're well on their way to selling that out. >> reporter: the cool kids campaign will supply 400 volunteers to staff the two baltimore races. and if these color stations, survivors, caregivers, doctors and sponsors will go wild. >> so unlike most runs where the people on the sidelines are cheering for the runners, this is the runners cheering for the people on the sidelines? >> that's what we hope. because it's all about these kids, their families, their caregivers and our sponsors who plaque it possible for us to do this for the kids. it's all about them.
5:38 pm
and we want the runners to know that. >> reporter: so it's not sold out yet. but it will be. in towson, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. >> looks so fun. the cost is $45. cool kids could raise $15,000 to $30,000. to register, go to click on news tab. and look for this story and you'll find the link there. >> the only sad thing is at the end of the race, you got all of this color on the t-shirt. and then you go to wash it and it will be all gone. >> maybe don't wash it. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. botched trial. a man convicted of killing his wife wants a new trial. why he says his attorney is to blame. gardening shears and sneakers. that's all this woman needs to fight crime. what she's doing to keep her neighborhood safe. >> i'm bob turk in the first warning weather center. sunny but colder weather headed our way. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. and here's today's cough
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all right. beautiful shot there. we have a few widely scattered showers around the region for maybe the next 30, 40 minutes. then we'll see sunshine tomorrow. but it's going to be cold. bernadette has a look at that wednesday forecast. >> that's right. our front leaving us. winds turn around to the northwest. bringing in that colder air. breezy tomorrow morning, with temperatures in the twentsdzs. and tomorrow afternoon, gusty winds. we only top out in the 30s. and the wind chill will make it feel more like it's in the 20s. maybe upper teens. then tomorrow night, the temperatures really start dropping. for the rest of the five-day, here's bob. 37, 25. 38, 42. now, by friday, maybe a little rain-snow mix for a little while. doesn't look like a big deal. and clearing out. warming up a little bit. 46 here on sunday. vic? >> thank you, bob. former chicago area police
5:43 pm
officer drew peterson wants a new trial. peterson was convicted of murdering his third wife. but today, they heard arguments that he wants a new trial. the awrmingts, has former -- argument, his former attorney botched the trial. if the judge grants a new trial, he will face maximum of 60 years in prison. wanting new gun control laws in the wake of the aurora movie massacre. among the new laws, limits on how many bullets a gun can hold. and background checks on all guns sold, even among private parties. colorado bills are being seen as test cases for national gun control laws being debated in washington right now. a married los angeles police couple targets of chris dorner, are talking about how they coped and charges of racism in the lapd. bigad shaban reports from los angeles. >> reporter: los angeles police captain, phil tangorides and his wife, sergeant ahmada
5:44 pm
tingerides are back patrolling the streets. the couple and their six children were at the top of chris dorner's list. he was on the board that fired dorner for making false statements about an officer. >> when you get a call that someone is after your family and within a short distance of your home, they've already killed somebody else's daughter, it made me sick to my stomach. >> reporter: police provided round-the-clock protection for them and for 50 others. tingerides said he refused to go into hiding. >> the ironic thing, the first things we talked about and we had offers, come on up to big bear. [ laughter ] >> reporter: big bear is where the week-long man hunt ended tuesday. police say dorner took his own life, as the cabin went up in flames. >> reporter: the chief of the lapd said it will take several months for the department to review the case that led to
5:45 pm
dorner's firing. it will also look into dorner's allegations of racism within the lapd. >> reporter: sergeant i think tinger -- sergeant tingerides calls the claim garbage. >> i've never seen racism within the los angeles police department. >> reporter: the couple is receiving praise in the community they patrol, for helping improve the relationship between police and residents. in los angeles, bigad shaban, wjz eyewitness news. >> the los angeles police chief says the question of who receives the million-dollar reward, offer theed during the -- offered during the man hunt is still unresolved. an 11-year-old gill led police on a chase. she told police she took her father's truck, after the two got into an argument. the father said he recently took custody of his daughter and believes she was trying to get to her mother in myrtle beach. no words if charges will be filed. a fresno, california community takes it upon themselves to catch a burglar.
5:46 pm
the dream team included a ups worker, a woman with a pair of gardening shears and a worker. >> you know, i have to tell you that i feel pretty fortunate that i was deciding to prune some oliandy bushes. >> reporter: oliander bushes. >> reporter: this was the misfortune for this burglar. because this turned into full- fledged crimefighting. >> i am not a fan of criminals. and i have no problem chasing down a thug in my neighborhood. >> reporter: broke into a house -- >> in my backyard. >> and the ups guy comes around. and he's over here, and he's like, that guy just broke into somebody's house. so between the ups guy and myself, we chased him down. not just one loop but the second loop. >> i saw her. and i was like, crazy dog. >> wild animal. >> once i heard her call, out came bad words and i kind of realized it was not a dog.
5:47 pm
>> [ bleep ] tell your friends, i got eyes and ears. >> some ladies comes running through the doors, saying, get that guy, get that guy or something. i seen him trying to hop another fence. and i just jumped up there, grabbed him, took him down, and started choking him. and i just held him until the cops came. >> reporter: a total team effort by this northeast fresno community. something sasser says will also be waiting for any future troublemakers as well. >> i'm going to protect my family. i'm going to protect our neighbors. and if somebody decide toss infiltrate our little bubble here, then we're all going to get together. we're going to make sure they are so scared they not going to come back. and i hope they tell their friends not to come back. >> reporter: thankfully, she didn't have it use her gardening shears. police say while they are thankful the community came to the rescue, they do not recommend it. check in for news at 6:00. denise is standing by with a preview. a doctor at johns hopkins hospital, believed to have secretly videotaped patients.
5:48 pm
new information from police about the scope of this investigation. and an anne arundel county couple arrested after a raid on their home. what police say they found inside. check in for these stories. we'll have these stories as well, coming up at 6:00. but now, back to you, mary. under the radar and maybe into your pocket. with big issues like gun control and the death penalty in the spotlight in annapolis. another bit of legislation could hit the family budget. it's the possibility of a hike in the gas tax. there's never a good time for pain at the pump, especially when it hits earlier than usual. >> oh. it's awful. i mean, i'm putting like at least $100 a week in my car. >> reporter: now, talk is surfacing of a possible gas tax increase. >> yeah. i was listening to peter franchot today on the radio. about the state of maryland wanting to raise the gas tax. and it's shocking. >> reporter: but it's also the state with one of the worst commutes in the country. >> we're not going to solve that problem by investing less. we have a flat tax on gasoline
5:49 pm
that hasn't been changed since 1992. >> absolutely not. we don't need t. motorists are already paying enough. >> reporter: reporters like susan krebs believes there is another who are making sure fees are spend spent on transportation. not something else. and redirection. >> 80-something percent travel on roads. and only 8% use mass transportation. >> i myself, would prefer to see us dedicate a penny on the sales tax. >> reporter: which might spread the pain on the pump. increase the gas tax by as much as 3%. >> could be as much as 10 cents -- cents a -- 10 cents a gallon. >> i won't be able to drive my car. >> reporter: they want more spent here. >> alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> right now, nothing is certain one way or another, about an increase in the gas tax. for legislation that would keep transportation funds from being raided for other projects.
5:50 pm
still to come. slugger chris davis warms up for a repeat. mark has the latest on spring training
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
it was another day of warm sunshine for the orioles at spring training in sarasota, florida. sports director mark viviano joins us with the latest on the preseason press. >> o's certainly will try for another play-off run like last season. and they hope to have the home run power to do it. the birds hit the second most homers in the majors last year. only the yankees hit more. and the o's top home run hitter has a new position. in our masn on spring training report, we check in with chris davis. 85 runs driven in were the most for last season this season, davis is working out as the o's regular first baseman. said he is glad to have a position in the field. and davis is building on what was a career for him. >> it was huge. not only to play for them but to do so on a winning team.
5:54 pm
there were a lot of guys in the clubhouse that took surprises in the right direction, obviously as the right team. high fly ball. center field. didn't get enough. and it's good! >> we did really well. we weren't satisfied by any means. and i think it was good to get that experience last year and have it going into this year. >> davis played more games in the outfield than he did at first base last season. he is again working out as the regular first baseman this spring. o's play their first spring training game if sarasota, coming up on saturday. i'll have more on the o's in florida, coming up next hour. plus, the ravens are getting ready to face the economic reality of the salary cap. some other teams cutting key players today. i'll have details. and the maryland basketball team talks about its ncaa tournament hopes. i'll have that ahead for you in sports at 6:00. back to you for now. >> thank you very much, mark. sinking one putt is tough. but nine putts at once in yes, it can happen. take a look at this. nine students at the management
5:55 pm
program in campbell, university, north carolina, sank nine putts at the same time. now, this wasn't a fluke. it took them 28 tries until they finally got it. as you can see from all of this video, they're pretty psyched about it. i love seeing, as i saw this yesterday, that's the better angle. watch this. there they all go. >> and they all -- it's so exciting. the only thing is they dug out the hole, the nine golf balls could fit. right? >> right. >> because it couldn't happen on a regular regulation. >> now, you being a golfer, you would know that. i wouldn't have known that. >> yeah. a little bit. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. a baltimore gynecologist, secretly videotaping his patients. i'm adam may. outrage from the women who trusted him. and what was he doing with those videos? that's coming up.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
coming up now on eyewitness news at 6:00. this johns hopkins doctor takes his own life. was he secretly taping his patients? the feds are investigating. a teenager who shot up his school on the first day, enters a plea. i'm rochelle ritchie. i'll have the latest on robert gladden, jr., coming up next. a campus in mourning. students worry a killer could be hiding among them. i'll explain coming up on eyewitness news. get ready for the return of colder temperatures. don't miss the why you were dated first warning -- first warning weather forecast. don't miss the day's breaking news. wjz eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. final
5:59 pm
-- violated by videotape. a johns hopkins doctor, accused of secretly taping patients. >> tonight, why federal investigators are now on the case. >> hello, everyone. i'm vic carter! and i'm denise koch. here's what people are talking about tonight. >> the invasion of privacy could be much worse than first thought. and children could be victims as well. even though the physician in the middle. it all is dead, the investigation is expanding. wjz is live at city lis police headquarters. adam may with more from police, who spoke just moments ago.

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